Freelance Jobs

As of April (2015), I became self employed and since then I have been lucky enough to get my first freelance jobs. So I thought that these jobs were deserving of their own album in the gallery! Do please enjoy and pass my services on.

  • The first few photos are of my friends Wedding Straps. She came to me a few weeks before her wedding and asked if I could change and sew on some new straps to her dress and she preferred some that she has seen in a haberdashery in London. The new straps were beaded wings on lace and so before sewing them to the dress I had to back them to give them some stability and strength as the lace made them quite fragile. Luckily Lindsay decided not to wear the bolero that came with the dress and so I was able to use this fabric to back the straps in. After some sampling I was surprised to learn that I was able to machine sew down one side of the strap (which gave a clean finish) and finish the other side of the strap with hand stitching.


  • The next two photos are from Urdang Academy’s Golden Gala show at Hackney Empire. For a few months I was lucky enough to work on this show with a fellow Rose Bruford Graduate who was supervising and ask me to come on board as there were over 200 students to dress for the show. My first job was to come up with 20 dresses that see in this photos that were made of gold silk and I was able to overlock together to make the process quicker and get more work done in a short amount of time. Whilst at Urdang I was also able to help out with a lot of alterations and made a few other skirts whilst at Hackney. It was crazy but very enjoyable.

More to come soon!

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